• Founder & CTO of Ascribe. Crypto, banking, ML, more. Stay tuned.
  • Founder & CTO of Solido, a VC-backed company applying machine learning to circuit design. The majority of big semis now use Solido.
  • Founder & CTO of ADA (Analog Design Automation), also VC-backed + ML + circuits. ADA was acquired in 2004. 


  • PhD in EE from KU Leuven, Belgium. Awarded #1 thesis worldwide in the field. 
  • BE EE and BsC CS from U Saskatchewan, Canada. Awarded #1 final year thesis.
  • Did ML research for Canadian Department of National Defense.
  • Wrote 2 Books [1,2] on ML, circuits and creativity. Also 35 Papers, 20 Patents. 
  • Keynotes & invited talks at MIT, Columbia, Berkeley, JPL, Apple, Nvidia, Data Science Day Berlin, PyData Berlin, more.
  • Organize Singularity Meets Self Improvement meetup [link]. Co-organized workshops on ML / circuits. TPC / reviewer for many conferences & journals. 
  • Past projects: painting, BCI hacking, hypnosis, video game programming, surfing.