I'm working on Ocean Protocol. We aim to make the opportunities and benefits in AI more equal. Ocean is a decentralized substrate for AI data & services. It's designed to catalyze a data commons side-by-side with many data marketplaces, make verified & privacy-preserving compute more accessible, and give provenance to training data, model building, and prediction. This in turn can help catalyze autonomous driving, medical research, and more. My long-term goal is to help ensure that humanity has a role in an increasingly autonomous world.

I started my career by doing AI research for national defense in the 1990s, while still an undergraduate [paper].

Then, in my first startup (ADA), we explored the relation between human creativity and AI-based machine creativity. Synopsys acquired ADA in 2004.

I extended that work during my PhD from 2004-2008, and found a way to reconcile machine creativity with existing engineering knowledge. Here's the book.

In my second startup (Solido), we leveraged AI to help drive Moore's Law, which was under threat due to high manufacturing variations. Here's the book. Now, Solido software is used for most modern chip designs. Siemens acquired Solido in 2017.

My third and current startup is all about democratizing data for the planet. We hatched ascribe (2013) and BigchainDB (2015). Our focus is on Ocean Protocol (2017). 

Other current activities:

Past projects:

  • PhD in EE from KU Leuven, Belgium. Awarded #1 thesis worldwide in the field.
  • BE EE and BsC CS from U Saskatchewan, Canada. Awarded #1 final year thesis.
  • Did ML research for Canadian Department of National Defense, in the second half of the 90s.
  • Wrote 2 Books [1,2] on AI/ML, circuits and creativity. Also 35 Papers and 20 Patents on AI/ML. 
  • Co-organized workshops on AI/ML and circuits [e.g. 1,2,3,4]. TPC / reviewer for many conferences & journals [e.g. 1,2,3,4,5]. Lecturer at Data Science Retreat [link]. 
  • Organized meetup "Singularity Meets Self Improvement" [link].
  • Past projects: painting, BCI hacking, hypnosis, video game programming, surfing.
  • Raised in a pig farm in Canada, hacking away on cold winter nights. 3D CAD tool, wordprocessor, dozens of games.
  • Member of Advisory Group for the e-Residency team of the Government of Estonia. 

Photo: © Rise of AI 2017 /Saskia Bauermeister