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Ocean on PoA vs. Ethereum Mainnet? Decision-Making Factors that led to PoA (with bridge to Ethereum)

This article describes how we arrived at the process to ship the first version of Ocean network as its own Proof-of-Authority (PoA) network. In the end, we chose to ensure that our data science users had a network with decent performance; it was worth the extra effort to set up PoA for this.

To maintain many benefits of the Ethereum mainnet, Ocean will have a TokenBridge to it. Therefore Ocean PoA can be seen as an Ethereum sidechain. This aligns Ocean with the “multi-chain” vision of the blockchain ecosystem, as envisioned by PolkadotCosmos, and ETH 2.0. We look forward to integrating to these networks as technology matures. Similarly, we plan to go more fully permissionless as technology matures.

Full post is [here].

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